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[16 Jun 2003|12:09am]
[ mood | horny ]

Dear Livejournal (And All My Friends!)

I'm Baaaa aaaack! I know you all missed me so much! Im really sorry to have left you, I was on vacation. Me and my Pool Cleaner went all the way to the San Fernando Valley. It was so beautiful there. Jose, was so sexy in his uniform, its the only clothes he owns! We visited his family, i met Maria, Jorge, Paco, Enrique, Jesus, Mario, Luigi, Felipe, and last but not least, Pepe. We went swimming, and played in the mud. Although I did have a wonderful time with Jose, and he asked me to have his babies. I believe I am still in love with 1professorfrink. His writings have made me touch myself in so many ways. I get aroused when I see 1-p-r-o-f-e-s-s-o-r-f-r-i-n-k. I wonder if he is mexican like Jose. My Dad always calls me a Wexican, does anyone know what that means. I think it means beautiful, because I am. I am horny 1professorfrink, please meet me, and Instant Message me anytime.



Ps. Add ME!

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Popular me. [30 May 2003|02:25am]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was the MOST exciting day I've had in a year. I went swimming, ate some cheese, met some nice ladies. AND made new lj friends! Thanks to 1professorfrink! His friends are my friends now!
Pretty soon I will have to make my journal 'friends only' because I will be so popular! Maybe I wont be lonely anymore because now when I go online I don't just look at porn and my own journal and of coarse my special friend (1professorfrink)s journal. It took me a while but I have added everyone of you to my friends list, I hope my wish will come true. I hope I will meet him.



Ps. I Love You All

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i have no friends *sigh* [26 Mar 2003|10:41pm]
Lana might have no friends defined. If you are Lana, you can edit your LiveJournal friends so they show up here.
Lana might have friends defined, but all of their friend's posts might be over two weeks old (according to the times on our servers), and thus wouldn't be displayed here.
Lana might have friends defined that post only protected entries that you can't view, because they haven't defined you as a friend in return.

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Y [23 Mar 2003|08:58pm]
I believe its time for me to leave this solid ground
its time for me to realize who i really am
i know that i am better than everyone else, but why cant they see it? everyone treats me like im a freak, but thats not the case. i am not a freak so stop treating me that way

i believe that i need to get married, which will probably never happen

GOAL IN LIFE: have 6 children , 3 boys, 2 girls

all with boy names of coarse because that way it confuses mortals.

well i love... no one


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